Snooki Asserts She Co-Wrote Novel 'Shore Thing'

'Jersey Shore' star tells 'Today' show that the book is 'all my own language.'

Snooki is always quick to point out that her book, "A Shore Thing," is a novel, and that the novel's two leading ladies are based on herself and her "Jersey Shore" bestie, JWoww. And for the haters who think she had nothing to do with actually writing the book, she says, think again.

"I did [write it] because if you read it, you'll know [by] the first page I wrote it 'cause it's all my own language," she said when she stopped by the "Today" show on Tuesday (January 11). "I had a co-writer [Valerie Frankel] help me. ... I wanted to do a story about the Jersey Shore. People probably expect it to be a biography, so I wanted to surprise everybody with a novel."

So, how does Snooki boil the book down? "It's pretty much like the show, but you're reading it," she said. "It took me, like, three months just because we had the idea before I went to the season that's airing now and then I had to write it while [shooting the season].

"I don't think it's fair [how people judge me], but then again, that's what you see on the show. But I'm not like that all the time ... yeah on the show, of course [I'm a party girl], but I'm not like that all the time."

Not only is Snooki out promoting her book, she's also dishing about her show, which is currently airing all new episodes shot at the Jersey Shore. "I would say this is the least amount of [physical] fighting that we've done ... we try and stay away from that but it's really hard," she said.

"[My] 15 minutes [of fame] was, like, a year ago so ... hopefully my brand [will still be around years from now]," the reality star continued. "I have my Snooki slipper line, my jewelry line and my book, and I'm working on my clothing line. I'm being smart about it."

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