Britney Spears' 'Hold It Against Me': Radio Programmers Weigh In

'I can see it being another huge hit for her,' Z100 program director tells MTV News.

You've already heard the likes of Perez Hilton and "Jersey Shore" star Pauly D extol its virtues, but with the Monday (January 10) premiere of Britney Spears' "Hold It Against Me," we figured it was time to let program directors at radio stations around the country weigh in on the track too.

After all, not only are they the ones responsible for putting the song on the air, but they're the kind of folks who know a hit the second they hear it. So do they think Brit has another smash on her hands? Not surprisingly, the answer appears to be "yes."

"When I originally heard it in December, it blew me away from the first listen, and the same thing happened when we played it on Elvis Duran's morning show [Monday]; our Facebook and Twitter pages exploded," Sharon Dastur, program director at New York's Z100, told MTV News. "People are going crazy for it. They heard the leaked version and loved it, and now they're loving the official version too. I can see it being another huge hit for her."

"We're playing it at the top of every hour, and the reaction has been great," Tommy Chuck, program director at Tampa, Florida, station 93.3 WFLZ added. "Both on Facebook and Twitter, people are glad Britney's back; [they're] thanking us for playing the song, telling us how amazing she is, and all the air staff loved it. It's a solid single, and it'll be a big hit for her."

And while that initial wave of fan enthusiasm was to be expected, what both Dastur and Chuck said would put "Hold It Against Me" over the top is the song itself, a master-class in of-the-moment pop, courtesy of the world's foremost experts on the subject, Max Martin and Dr. Luke.

"Pop radio is a tough business, and if the song is no good, it wouldn't make it beyond the initial airplay," Chuck said. "People are really responding to this song, though, commenting on the 'dub-step' element of it. It definitely sounds similar to a lot of the dance tracks you hear [on the radio by] Taio Cruz and Usher and Chris Brown. It continues that whole trend."

"[Britney's] got a great team around her, and with Dr. Luke and Max Martin, you can't go wrong," Dastur said. "The reaction [to the song] this morning was outstanding. I asked some producers about it, because sometimes, we'll play a song, and the reaction is a little one-way or the other. But this one was through-the-roof positive."

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