Baz Luhrmann Considering 3-D For 'Great Gatsby'

Director says he believes 3-D can be used for 'poetic cinema.'

Are you eager to view sweeping tragic romantic dramas in 3-D? Well, then Baz Luhrmann's "The Great Gatsby" just might be your thing. With Leonardo DiCaprio already hitting theaters in 3-D thanks to a re-release of "Titanic," it seems that the actor, who also starred in Luhrmann's "Romeo + Juliet," might be bringing Gatsby to life in 3-D.

During a chat in Las Vegas at the Consumer Electronics Show last week, Luhrmann hinted that he's thinking of bringing F. Scott Fitzgerald's beloved novel to life in 3-D. According to, Luhrmann told an audience that he's "workshopped" the idea of shooting the film, which also stars Carey Mulligan in the pivotal role of Daisy, in multiple dimensions.

During the panel discussion, which also featured Michael Mann and Oliver Stone, the speakers noted that in the past, dramas like Alfred Hitchcock's "Dial M for Murder" had been filmed in 3-D. Stone joked that "it would help to have ['Dial M for Murder' star] Grace Kelly" for today's 3-D dramas.

Right now nothing is set in stone when it comes to Luhrmann's plans for "Gatsby," but he did add that in the beginning 3-D was used for "gags," then with "Avatar" it became more about "spectacle and drama" and he believes that it can be used for "poetic cinema."

The three directors were on the panel to talk about Blu-ray. "The power of Blu-ray is so great, you have to be a bit conscious about misusing it," Luhrmann explained. "Are you trying to re-create from your memory? There are a whole lot of new questions that powerful technology brings."

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