Paramore Fans Call MTV News' 'Last Word' Sit-Down 'Epic'

'It [shows] how much we mean to Paramore,' one fan says of candid live stream interview with the band.

After the Farro brothers' abrupt departure from Paramore, the remaining members candidly opened up about the collective's past, present and future during MTV News' exclusive "Last Word" sit-down.

And after weeks of largely being in the dark about the true nature of the split because of competing statements from both sides, fans were glad the interview finally answered several lingering questions.

"Finished watching #last word... such an epic way to address to fans that they're as strong as ever," Paramore fan Tiinytots tweeted.

Rafazam tweeted to @mtvnews, "Thank u so much for that show, it [shows] how much we mean to Paramore."

ChannieMitch wrote, "They did good. proves why i love them and strengthened my faith in them as a band."

While the presentation definitely rallied and inspired many fans, it also gave Paramore followers greater insight into how the band has been handling the drama. As

FantasyFenix wrote, "Its so heart breaking watching the @mtvnews interview with @paramore and it looks like @yelyahwilliams is almost crying."

StfuStephh said, "I absolutely LOVE Zac and Josh, but it seems as if they're trying to make Hayley out to be a horrible person."

For some, the interview — which touched on everything from the Farros' allegations that the band is a soulless "manufactured" production doctored by industry bigwigs to rumors the group is splitting up for good — left no stone unturned.

"Thanks for the interview 'Paramore: The Last Word,' " Vickyy b tweeted. "That guy asked them everything I wanna know," referring to MTV News resident rock expert James Montgomery.

Callummmmmmmmmm also approved of the interviewers, giving a shout-out to Montgomery and MTV Newsroom editor Kyle Anderson. "So thankful this was done, really helped alot!" he wrote. "Much love for MTV ... presenting it <3"

Ultimately, the presentation made it clear that despite the shake-up, Paramore still has fans' best interest at heart. As Kjo3490wrote, "The main thing I got out of #lastword is how much @yelyehwilliams @itstayloryall and @schzimmydeanie care about there fans."

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