'Country Strong' Star Garrett Hedlund Ponders A Music Career

'We'll see what happens, but no plans for any solo album,' the actor tells MTV News.

In "Country Strong," which opened Friday (January 7), Garrett Hedlund's talent as both a singer and a guitarist are on display. In the movie he plays Nashville songwriter Beau Hutton. But just because Hedlund can play guitar and sing, he isn't going to release his own solo album anytime soon.

"It's funny, I was in Nashville yesterday and the day before, and I was hanging with Dierks Bentley there, and he was saying, 'You gotta come out on the tour and sing one here and there.' That's always a fun possibility," he told MTV News. "We'll see what happens, but no plans for any solo album."

If he did ever want to release music, he's got quite an impressive résumé for it. "I had so many great people helping me for six months," he recalled of preparing for his role. "This great guy Neal Casal, who's a wonderful singer/songwriter. He was the lead guitarist for Ryan Adams and the Cardinals. So just one day you can't play the guitar and the next day you got the guy who was playing lead guitar on 'Come Pick Me Up.' "

But Hedlund doesn't only credit Casal for his new talent; he's got a few others to thank. "Out in Nashville, we had a wonderful producer Frank Liddell and engineer Luke Wooten that we just spent day after day after day just hashing out these songs, and there was a lot of sweat put in."

The actor notes that in addition to some key teachers, he also had a sort of music education growing up in Minnesota. "I mean, country, it was the only thing we listened to on the farm with the one radio station," Hedlund recalled about his childhood. "You try to veer from it and you go to rock and then to rap, and then country on this film kind of pulled me back home."

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