Nicki Minaj, Rihanna To Shoot 'Fly' Video Next

'We're going to save the world in more ways than one,' Minaj says of filming Pink Friday clip this weekend.

Nicki Minaj set the Internet ablaze with rumors that she shares a kiss with Drake in her upcoming "Moment 4 Life" video, but she's preparing to shoot another video with someone else who's gotten frisky with her.

"We're shooting the video with Rihanna for 'Fly' this weekend," Nicki told E! News on Thursday. "We're going to save the world in more ways than one with the video, and that's all I can say about that. ... I love Ri Ri! I mean, when she's not grabbing my ass, she's a sweet girl."

The Pink Friday rapper also mentioned she might be willing to try her hand at a country song.

"Of course!" Minaj said when asked if she'd collaborate with Taylor Swift. "I like everyone. I don't listen to music based on genre. Like, I'll hear a song and then I'll live for that song for like months and I'll be like, 'Who the hell is that?' I listen to Taylor Swift. I like Coldplay. I listen to gospel a lot. I listen to anything that's just beautiful music."

A duet with a certain pants-less pop star is also up for debate.

"I'd definitely be open to it, yeah ... I mean, Gaga is badass. Being compared to greats can never bother me," Nicki said. Minaj is grateful, she said, not only for her own success, but what her achievements mean for up-and-coming femcees.

"I'm proud that women, female rappers that come in this game after Nicki Minaj can see that, you know what? There is a chance for you to sell just as much as the boys and to be recognized," she said. "And you don't have to feel like, because you're a female rapper, you're going to not be recognized. And so for that alone, I'm proud, I'm happy."

Pink Friday was RIAA-certified platinum this week.

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