'Jersey Shore' Star Deena Explains Wardrobe Malfunction

The new housemate laughs about her early encounter with the Situation.

Well, that's one way to introduce yourself to your new roommates.

"Jersey Shore" newcomer Deena Nicole Cortese hadn't been inside the Seaside Heights house for more than a few hours when a few too many games of flip cup led to an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction in which she exposed her lady parts to a shocked, though quite amused, Situation. And let's be honest, Sitch is not exactly the shockable sort when it comes to unveilings of female flesh.

Just how did Deena come to drop her drawers on the show's newest episode quicker than you can shout, "T-shirt time"?

"That was such an accident," she confessed to MTV News.

Let's allow Deena to set the stage. "I wasn't used to the environment. I didn't know anybody," she explained. "I was like, 'All right, let me get a little buzz. Little did I know, I really didn't eat the entire day, so my little buzz turned into a quick little hammered. We drank the entire night, so as soon as the nighttime hit, now I want my 'blast in a glass' hat. I'm feeling fantastic. I can't feel my face."

And so Deena and the Situation go in search of the hat, a straw cowboy hat of which she is quite enamored. No sooner does she plop that hat on her noggin than, well, we'll let the New Jersey native take it from here.

"I wanted to show just my bikini, so I go to take off my dress, not realizing my bottoms were not there anymore and came down with my dress," she said. "That's when you hear me go, 'Oh no, not the bikini.' All frazzled. I had no idea. How embarrassing!

"Do you know what?" she added with a shrug. "You can't dread over things. You know what? Laugh about it. Big deal. Whatever!"

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