Lady Gaga Unveils Polaroid Camera Sunglasses

Mother Monster also shows off portable photo printer and other gadgets from her 'Grey Label' collaboration during electronics fest.

She's adorned her shades with lit cigarettes and covered her peepers with jewel-encrusted spheres, but [artist id="3061469"]Lady Gaga's[/artist] latest pair of sunglasses has taken eyewear to stylish and tech-savvy new heights.

The influential songstress revealed her yearlong "Grey Label" collaboration with Polaroid to a packed room and thousands of fans who tuned into the event via Ustream at the Consumer Electronics Show, or CES, in Las Vegas on Thursday (January 6), and among the spankin' new products is a pair of shades with cameras embedded in the lenses.

Gaga, who took the stage nearly an hour after the publicized start time in a black corseted gown and wispy veil, showed off the innovative specs perched on a bronzed mannequin. Once turned on, tiny twin screens appeared in each lens, and Gaga explained that the futuristic accessories can snap photos and capture video, and are equipped with Bluetooth capabilities and a USB connector.

Mother Monster also showed off a sleek, portable photo printer about the size of a clock radio that allows users to instantly print physical copies of smartphone pics using Bluetooth technology — although the device isn't iPhone compatible. Gaga said the invention was inspired by seeing the legions of concertgoers thrusting camera phones in the air at her shows. She then demonstrated the nifty printer by snapping a picture of the assembled crowd of Gaga-ites and gadget heads — playfully barking, "Smile! You're so f---ing famous! — and brandishing a glossy image minutes later from the mini-machine. According to a Polaroid executive, the product should be available in May.

Gaga also introduced a suitably stylish and social media-friendly revamp of the classic Polaroid instant camera that she said would eventually allow photogs to directly share images on Facebook and Twitter. The product is slated to hit shelves around Christmas.

The Gaga-approved gadgets cap off a year of tinkering at Polaroid, which began when the "Bad Romance" belter was announced as a creative director in January 2010.

"I love the products, I'm so proud to be here," Gaga gushed about developing the gadgets with Polaroid. "They honored me as a woman, as a creative director and they really let me [put my] hands in there and design this sh-- myself."

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