Paramore's Hayley Williams Feels 'More Free' Than Ever

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FRANKLIN, Tennessee — All week, we've been rolling out Paramore's reactions and responses to Josh Farro's "Exit Statement" from the band he helped found. Which is to say, up until this point, we've been dealing almost exclusively with the past: the events that led to Farro posting his missive on December 21 and the fallout that occurred immediately afterward.

All of that ends now. Because, as you'll see Friday (January 7) at 4 p.m. ET — when MTV News presents "Paramore: The Last Word," a live stream on — Paramore couldn't wait to put the past behind them and talk about their plans for the future.

You probably already know that they're pushing ahead with a South American tour in February, with Taylor York's brother Justin filling in on guitars and drummer-to-the-stars Josh Freese behind the kit. And, if you've read Hayley Williams' tweets, you're definitely aware that Paramore are already writing and demoing songs. But how will they replace the contributions of Josh Farro, who co-wrote the bulk of their last two albums? Well, they won't. At least not entirely.

"Well, I think, yeah, there's been a lot of talk of that. Everyone's like, 'You're taking Josh's spot,' " Taylor York told MTV News. "[But] in a way, this is a business, and I think when any business downsizes, you don't just take over someone's title; everyone's title changes to fit the mold. So there are some things that I am going to have to do that Josh did, some parts, but at the same time, I have no intentions of being the new Josh, taking over his parts. That's not really what I want to do. So, yeah, I'll be doing some lead stuff, but I love what I get to do, and I still intend on doing that."

You can hear a lot more about the band's future plans — including releasing new songs in 2011 — during our live stream, but making music is only part of the equation. In the wake of the Farro brothers' split, the remaining members of Paramore have also forged a new bond, which Williams said will carry them not just toward a new album, but beyond.

"I guess we're just going to do it really right this time. ... It's going to be fun to kind of just not have to think about what someone's thinking about me," she said. "I know that, for me personally, I'm just gonna feel, and I don't even mean this in a negative way to Josh and Zac, but I'm definitely starting to feel a lot more free about myself, and I think maybe that's just me growing up, but the people I have around me — Taylor and Jeremy — I feel very supported and loved, as a person, and that's a rare thing in this world."

And she didn't stop there, either, but you're going to have to wait for the "Last Word" live stream to hear the rest. And speaking of that live stream, we'd love to include your voice in the show, and judging by the sheer volume of comments our stories have gotten, you have plenty to say. You can upload videos to or tweet your take with the hashtag #lastword, and we might just use it.

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