T.I. Reprimanded After Overly Amorous Prison Visit With Wife Tiny

Rapper sent to restricted 'special housing unit' for violating prison rules, according to TMZ.

Incarcerated rapper T.I., in the midst of an 11-month prison bid for probation violations, was reportedly reprimanded this weekend after getting a bit too amorous during a visit with wife Tameka "Tiny" Cottle.

According to TMZ, T.I. (born Clifford Harris) was caught by guards getting "frisky" with his wife during visiting hours at the Forrest City Federal Correctional Complex in Arkansas over the weekend. Citing wife Tiny as its source, the gossip site said the couple was in a room during an approved conjugal visit during regular visiting hours when things got a little too hands on.

The extracurricular activity is against prison guidelines, which allow inmates to hold hands, kiss and embrace at the beginning and end of their visit, but require the prisoner's hands to "remain in plain view of Visiting Room staff at all times."

Tiny reportedly told the site that her hubby was immediately reprimanded and sent to a "special housing unit," which allows him less freedom and has tighter security. She said she hasn't spoken to Tip since the incident, but hopes that she can visit him again soon.

A spokesperson for the rapper had no comment on the incident at press time.

T.I. turned himself over to authorities on November 1 to begin his second stint in the Arkansas prison in less than a year.

The low-security prison is the same facility where the King of the South served nine months last year after he secured a plea deal with Georgia prosecutors stemming from a 2007 gun case. The experimental deal required Tip to complete 1,500 hours of community service and endure home confinement in exchange for a lesser sentence. He was also required to complete a probation period afterward. The rapper was released in March after serving out the remainder of his time at a halfway house.

He was sent back to the facility after an October 2010 arrest in Los Angeles for drug possession after police searched the couple's vehicle following a traffic violation.

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