'Jersey Shore' Star Vinny Reveals His Onscreen-Hookup Secret

In new season, which kicks off tonight, Vinny tells MTV News he had to 'drop that whole self-consciousness about being on camera.'

By his own admission, "Jersey Shore" star Vinny Guadagnino came into his own during the show's Miami-based episodes, trading his initial tentativeness in front of the camera on the Seaside Heights boardwalk for a fist-pumping swagger that netted him oodles of phone numbers and hookups in South Beach clubs.

That's not to say he's always comfortable with a camera catching his every move. As the reality star confessed when he stopped by the MTV Newsroom, there's no getting around the awkwardness of gettin' it in while the cameras are rolling.

"How do you do more than hook up with a girl when there's a camera in the ceiling watching you?" he laughed.

Somehow, though, he's found a way. The key, Vinny explained, is to "drop that whole self-consciousness that you have about being on camera." Helping matters is that he's been with the same "Jersey Shore" production crew from the beginning, and while he's not allowed to speak with the camera guys, they've created a sort of wordless bond with one another.

"You kind of become family with the camera crew without saying anything," he said. "If a camera guy is filming me and I'm macking on a girl, that's like my boy watching me."

While Vinny has gotten to a place where he can play carefree kissy-face with a club-going gal, it's the object of his affection who's not always cool, calm and collected with a 10-camera crew surrounding her. But ever the gentleman, Vinny does his best to put his lady friends at ease.

"The hardest part is the girl — she's not used to it," he said. "So me being a nice guy, I kind of feel for her at times. I just try to do whatever I can to make her feel comfortable in the moment."

The new season of "Jersey Shore" premieres tonight at 10 p.m. ET on MTV.