Paramore Say 'Majority' Of Brand New Eyes Is About Josh Farro

Watch the full interview on 'Paramore: The Last Word,' live on Friday at 4 p.m. ET.

FRANKLIN, Tennessee — In his "Exit Statement" from Paramore, Josh Farro made one thing abundantly clear: There was a lot more going on behind the scenes than most fans were aware of.

Of course, in their interview with MTV News — which you can see more of in Paramore: The Last Word," a live stream on on Friday at 4 p.m. ET — the remaining members of the band addressed most of his charges (not surprisingly, they don't agree with most of them), but in kicking up all that dust, Farro may have unwittingly also revealed the biggest secret of all: that the majority of the songs on Paramore's 2009 Brand New Eyes album were about him.

Up until he released his statement, most fans assumed that the lyrics on songs like "Playing God" ("It has to be so lonely/ To be the only one who's only") and "Ignorance" ("Where's your gavel, your jury/ What's my offense this time?") were Hayley Williams' way of telling off nameless naysayers and faceless detractors. But now, it's pretty apparent that they deal almost exclusively with her relationship with Farro — and if you're still not sold on that point, well, she'll tell you herself.

"I would say that a large majority of those songs, yes, have to do with the relationship we had and then that we had to mend," she said. "And it was really hard, because we were all friends, and then going through a breakup and going through any kind of tension as a band really affected all the lyrics. ... There are a lot of specifics that I pulled from my experience with just feeling like my face was underneath a boot all the time.

"I think the point of the album was never to point out those things, but hopefully to encourage people who feel that way," she continued. "Because I felt so alone in that fight, that I would never want, especially another young woman, to feel that way, because I know there are a lot of girls I've talked to, fans, go through the same thing in relationships and families, and it just sucks to feel kind of victimized."

And she didn't stop there, either, but you're going to have to wait for the "Last Word" live stream to hear the rest. And speaking of that live stream, we'd love to include your voice in the show, and judging by the sheer volume of comments our stories have gotten, you have plenty to say. You can upload videos to to or tweet your take with the hashtag #lastword, and we might just use it.

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