'Jersey Shore' Star Snooki Talks Hangover Cures, Ditching Pouf

Reality star tells 'Ellen' hard partying has sometimes left her asking, 'Why did I wake up in a garbage can?'

Ellen DeGeneres' bond with "Jersey Shore" star Snooki stretches back to last February, when the comedian first welcomed the reality star onto her talk show. The following month, while assessing a particularly memorable "American Idol" performance, the ex-judge remarked to a contestant, "Like Snooki's pouf, you just stand out."

Later in the year, Ellen dressed up as that pouf for Halloween, and on Wednesday's (January 5) episode of the "Ellen" show — she joked that she'd finally taken down her pumpkin-themed holiday decorations — the host welcomed Snickers back onto the program for a chat. Their conversation veered from the reality star's signature hairstyle to what we can expect from new "Shore" episodes to her hard-partying ways.

"If I am hung over, the best cure is to drink margaritas the morning of, and you're fine," she said. "Or mimosas with your eggs.

"I want to remember my night, and sometimes I just don't," she added. "It sucks. So you're like, 'What did I do? Why did I wake up in a garbage can?' "

So, um, how often do such things happen? "Once a month," she joked, before saying that she's toned down her drinking recently. Snooki has also made a commitment to get into shape, showing Ellen some workout moves and saying of two oversize exercise balls, "These are big balls."

Shaping up and saying no to those extra late-night vodka shots aren't the only changes coming to Snooki's life. She's also ditched the pouf, opting for a straight, bang-bedecked hairdo. "I'm so over it," she said.

Before saying goodbye to Ellen, Snooki explained a little of what's coming down the line on "Jersey Shore" this season.

"The new season is insane," she said. "We'll fight one minute and then the next minute we'll be like, 'You want a shot?' We're fine. It's so weird. I think that's how brothers and sisters are like, minus the hookups."

The new season of MTV's "Jersey Shore" premieres Thursday at 10 p.m. ET on MTV.