Glenn Close Responds To 'Offensive' Navy Video

Oscar winner is furious over unwittingly appearing in a racy video produced by now-suspended U.S. Navy captain.

Five-time Oscar nominee Glenn Close has struck back against her unauthorized appearance in a series of sexually-charged videos shown aboard the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise.

The videos feature skits filled with homophobic slurs, simulated sexual acts and a clip of two women appearing to shower together. Close appears in a brief shot that comes directly after a scene showing two men in bed together with condoms and lubrication on a bedside table.

"The cynical, unauthorized use of my image in this video is deeply offensive and insulting, and was the result of a seemingly innocent request made during a visit to an aircraft carrier over four years ago," Close said in a statement.

The videos were distributed in 2006 and 2007 aboard the ship's closed-circuit television system but recently became public. Navy Capt. Owen Honors, who produced the videos and figures prominently in them, was subsequently relieved of his duty as commander of the Enterprise after an investigation.

A Navy spokesman has called the videos "inappropriate" and made clear that "the Navy does not endorse or condone these kinds of actions."

In Close's video clip, the actress appears during a montage set to Chicago's "You're the Inspiration." Following the appearance of the two men in bed, the actress is seen sitting at a desk and spinning around to reveal herself wearing a USS Enterprise cap and holding a multicolored stuffed parrot. She appears to be speaking, but her voice is obscured by the music.

"I am distraught that my image has been used to perpetuate something that I abhor," Close said in the statement.