Justin Bieber's Magazine Covers Chart His Meteoric Rise

Teen sensation's Vanity Fair cover follows a spate of increasingly high-profile mag appearances.

[artist id="3187077"]Justin Bieber[/artist] first appeared on teen magazines like J-14 and Tiger Beat alongside fellow idols like the Jonas Brothers, but Bieber quickly established himself as a marquee cover boy. He was soon being profiled by industry publications like Billboard and embraced by mainstream mags like People.

Bieber's first big solo cover was the March 27, 2010, issue of Billboard. On the cover, Bieber sported a cardigan and those signature bangs while holding up a boom box. That appearance was quickly followed by his April 19, 2010, People magazine cover, which came out just weeks after the release of his My World 2.0.

Early on, Bieber proved he was comfortable on shoots. "He's always been a natural in front of the camera," said Melissa Victor, VP, Media & Artist Relations at Island Def Jam Music Group. "I don't think that kid can take a bad frame."

By the summer, Bieber was making headlines as teen magazines began proclaiming they had "Bieber Fever." He covered Seventeen's June/July issue and Teen Vogue's October edition. "He has very strong ideas of how he wants to look," Victor said of the Island Def Jam artist's visual evolution. "His mom is already working on a scrapbook of all his covers," she revealed. "She requests every single cover no matter how big or small; everything from J-14 to People magazine."

In addition to making the covers of some of the entertainment industry's most popular magazines, the singer also scored some memorable profiles in places like VMAN, Interview and Elle, in which he waded on the beach with Kim Kardashian.

With his latest cover for Vanity Fair, Bieber shows he's growing in terms of his public image, from teen heartthrob to pop superstar — one who can be appreciated by both teens and adults.

"Justin loves his core audience but it is important for him to continue to evolve as an artist, and with that evolution we want to insure that more and more people of all ages embrace his music," she said. "It is great that these magazines have been there to chronicle his journey."

2011 already looks to be a massive year for Bieber, and Vanity Fair is just the beginning. "He so honored and excited to grace the cover of Vanity Fair. He knows he is in great company, he doesn't take it for granted at all," Victor said. "This is has been a great way to kick off the New Year. But this is just the beginning. His fans can rest assured they will continue to get their 'Bieber Fix.' "

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