Lindsay Lohan Violated Probation With Clinic Altercation

Police say alleged fight with Betty Ford worker is a violation of actress' probation.

Lindsay Lohan is in the midst of her latest attempt to reboot a career that has been derailed by a series of trips to rehab, arrests and time behind bars. But the 24-year-old actress, who reportedly left the Betty Ford Center on Monday after three months of court-ordered substance-abuse rehab, may not be out of the clouds just yet.

CNN reported that a Riverside County Sheriff's Department spokesperson said that Lohan violated her probation when she allegedly got into an altercation with a former staff worker at the Ford Center.

The staffer, Dawn Holland, was fired in the wake of the December 12 incident after the Center claimed she leaked information about her encounter with Lohan to the tabloid press.

Lohan's lawyer declined to comment on the matter at the time and noted that it was the "Mean Girls" star who called 911 to request police assistance at the time.

Holland told TMZ that her wrist was hurt in the confrontation with the actress, who refused to take a Breathalyzer test after it was believed she had alcohol on her breath.

"Lindsay and two other patients had snuck out, went drinking and tried to sneak back in and they got caught. We were told by our administration on-call to do a Breathalyzer test, which she refused to do," Holland explained in the interview that got her fired. "She was angry and out of control.

"She was the only patient out of the three who was being very uncooperative and out of control," added Holland, explaining that Lohan had been acting defiant at the rehab center. "I did not touch the woman! I am not willing to risk my job over any patient."

According to CNN, authorities plan to send the results of their investigation into the matter to the district attorney's office to determine if Lohan should face battery charges, despite the fact that Holland said she will no longer cooperate with the investigation and does not want charges filed.

"It is expected that this investigation will be sent to the district attorney's office later this week," a spokesperson for the sheriff's office said.

Lohan voluntarily checked into the Betty Ford Center on September 27 when it looked like a judge was going to send her back to jail for a probation violation stemming from a failed drug test. The judge in the case, Elden Fox, ordered Lohan to stay at Ford until January 3 instead of sending her to jail. Fox has said that if Lohan violated the rules of her rehab program or failed another drug test before her next court date on February 25, she could be sent back to jail for 180 days.

Prosecutors expect to see Lohan back in court on February 1 for a review of her probation, which is slated to end in August.