Chris Brown Drops 'Look At Me Now,' Featuring Lil Wayne, Busta Rhymes

Singer posts a link to new song on Twitter, also announcing that he hopes to turn next album into a double disc.

It seems that [artist id="1961441"]Chris Brown[/artist] fares better when he posts musical messages on Twitter.

The embattled singer tweeted a link to followers with his latest song, "Look at Me Now," featuring [artist id="510062"]Lil Wayne[/artist] and [artist id="1043"]Busta Rhymes[/artist]. The number will appear on Brown's forthcoming project, F.A.M.E., which he also revealed he hopes to turn into a double disc; the second side would be titled Fortune.

"I'm tryna make F.A.M.E album a double disc!! But not too expensive," Brown tweeted on Saturday. "The other disc will be called FORTUNE!!! I just got too many damn songs."

"Look at Me Now" is a rollicking, off-kilter club jam, on which Brown spits more than he rhymes. "Yellow model chick, yellow bottle sipping, yellow Lamborghini, yellow top missing," he flows over the sparse track. "Yeah, yeah, that sh-- look like a toupee/ I did what you did in 10 years in two days."

A couple of days before Brown released his new song, he and former B2K member Raz-B got into it on Twitter, after Raz tweeted about Brown's assault on then-girlfriend Rihanna. Brown apologized for his comments, which derailed from disses to homophobic slurs.

"Yesterday was an unfortunate lack in judgment sparked by public Twitter attacks from Raz-B, who was bent on getting attention," Brown said. "Words cannot begin to express how sorry and frustrated I am over what transpired publicly on Twitter. I have learned over the past few years to not condone or represent acts of violence against anyone."

This isn't the first time Brown has made controversial remarks on his Twitter page, which he canceled in December 2009 only to return the following year.