Justin Bieber's 2011 Wish List Includes Grammy Win, Haircut

'If I win a Grammy that would be awesome,' the teen pop sensation tells MTV News.

Justin Bieber had a huge 2010, and the well-coifed teen star seems poised to have an even bigger 2011. Along with his [article id="1650810"]"Never Say Never" movie[/article] set for a February release, an [article id="1654606"]album in the works[/article], more touring and perhaps [article id="1655145"]more canoodling with Selena Gomez[/article], Bieber has a big goal on his docket: to take home one of the biggest prizes in the music industry — a [article id="1653397"]Grammy[/article].

"This year, I mean, I hope that I win a Grammy, 'cause I'm up for two," he told MTV News. "So if I win a Grammy that would be awesome."

Of course, Bieber isn't expecting anything at the big awards show this February. Like most nominees, he says he's just honored to have been recognized for his work. "Even if I didn't win anything, I would still be happy because I was nominated, and that's pretty big in itself," he explained. "It's gonna be big. The Grammys are definitely something I've looked forward to, so this year's going to be definitely really big."

So, what other big plans does Bieber have in store for the recently launched New Year? Brace yourselves, Beliebers. It has something to do with his hair. "I think after my movie I might cut my hair a little shorter," he admitted.

Last week, as the year came to a close, [article id="1655036"]Bieber tweeted[/article] about his action-packed 2010. "Chillin and happy. Its been a fun year with a lot of blessings," he wrote. "Some crazy rumors but so much love and memories. We r just gettin started!! So enjoy the holidays. Get crazy and have some laughs. Life is too short. At least that is what they tell me. #newyearsIsComin"