Nas Talks Lost Tapes Vol. 2, Label Issues

The rapper says he may release the rarities collection later this year as part of a deluxe version of his next studio album.

Nas' anticipated The Lost Tapes: Vol. 2 could be fans' gain and current label Def Jam's loss.

The rapper revealed that he intends to release the project as part of a special-edition version of his next album, due out later this year.

"Because I kind of lost time, I really wanted to release [the album] in December," Nas told MTV News just before the holidays. "But I'm starting my next album. So I feel like I'll probably give The Lost Tapes as a deluxe, maybe, on the next album for free. I'm trying to figure that out now."

In October, Nas allegedly blasted his recording home after the company reportedly bungled the release of The Lost Tapes project, which is a collection of unreleased gems from the gifted MC that skew toward his more poetic side.

An e-mail message from the Queens rapper sent to executives at Def Jam was obtained by a blog and posted online.

In the note, Nas expressed frustration over what he characterized as his label's lack of activity surrounding the project; the first volume was a critically acclaimed collection issued in 2002 that included material left off of his studio albums after the songs were pirated.

"You don't get another Nas recording that doesn't count against my deal ... PERIOD!" Nas wrote at the time. "Keep your bullsh-- $200,000 fund. Open the REAL budget.

This is a New York pioneer's ALBUM, there ain't many of us. I am ready to drop in the 4th quarter. You don't even have sh-- coming out! Stop being your own worst enemy. Let's get money!"

Now, however, Nas says he's not sure which label would release his next album.

"It's not safe to say that it's gonna be on Def Jam," he told MTV News. "You know, news at 11. We coming with the information on that soon."

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