Green Day To Drop Awesome Live Album/DVD In March

While a track list isn't available, band has hinted that 'Cigarettes and Valentines' could make the cut.

For years now, [artist id="988"]Green Day[/artist] have made a point of turning their live shows into all-out arena-rock events, complete with gratuitous pyro, even more gratuitous stage props (T-shirt launchers, toilet-paper guns, water cannons, etc.), and, of course, some good-old-fashioned crowd participation.

And now, they're packaging all that madness for the masses, with the appropriately titled Awesome as F---, a live CD/DVD set to hit stores March 15.

That's according to a spokesperson for their label, Reprise Records, though eagle-eyed fans probably could have guessed something was in the works as far back as August, when the band took to their Twitter account to announce, "We've been recording our live shows since the beginning of tour. Possible live album coming. A ton of songs!"

In other tweets, they encouraged fans to bring "Awesome as F---" signs to shows and even hinted that a version of "Cigarettes and Valentines" — a song from their now-legendary scrapped album that pre-dated American Idiot, which they performed live for the first time during an August show in Denver — would appear on the album.

Awesome as F--- is already listed on as a two-disc set. At press time, a track list for the album was not available. Green Day's last live album was 2005's Bullet in a Bible, recorded at the Milton Keynes National Bowl in England. Last year, they also released a mini live set, Last Night on Earth, taken from a performance in Tokyo.

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