Kim Kardashian's Single Got 'Huge' Response At Tao

A source at Kim's New Year's Eve party says the reality-TV star's debut single is a club banger.

Kim Kardashian is getting some good buzz after previewing the music she's been working on with [artist id="3235700"]The-Dream[/artist]. When she partied 2010 away at Tao in Las Vegas on Friday night, she surprised the crowd with her first tune, tentatively titled "Turn It Up." A source told MTV News that the song had the club going bananas.

"Oh my god! [The response was] huge," the source said. "People wanted an encore and the DJ only played it once, but they wanted to hear it again. She was singing along and dancing with it. She wasn't singing over a track, she wasn't performing for the guests."

After the DJ made the announcement that he was about to play the song, Kim had a little fun. "Kim, as if she was a normal clubgoer, she was just singing along. She didn't debut it with a performance. She introduced it, but she wasn't singing it over a track."

The debut at Tao will also appear in the song's Hype Williams-directed video, the insider said. The source added that Kim's camp has described the song as sounding like "back-in-the-day Jennifer Lopez ... a little bit of a Jennifer Lopez feel."

"It's totally a dance song," the source explained. "It's good and it definitely sounds like her in my mind. You know it's her voice. She definitely can sing."

So, what is Kim singing about on the song? Another partygoer recalled the lyrics as being: "It's going down/ Heading straight to the front of the line/ On the fly, on the floor I can't stand still/ I am going to work like I am paying my bills/ Party, and party some more/ Rose up in the air, feeling good, feeling great." On the chorus, this source told us, Kardashian sings something like, "Turn it up/ Turn it up so I can rock the night away, away/ I'mma burn it up tonight it's going down/ By live via satellite/ All I'm seeing angels in my eyes."