Lil' Kim Disses Nicki Minaj Again

The veteran rapper aims profanity-laced tirade at upstart star during a New Year's Eve show in Massachusetts.

Hot damn, here we go again!

[artist id="934"]Lil' Kim[/artist] hit the stage in Massachusetts on New Year's Eve and the Queen Bee stung [artist id="3055069"]Nicki Minaj[/artist] once more by lashing out against the upstart lyricist. The diatribe was similar to one Kim unleashed in New York back in November.

"I think this other bitch got a song with Keyshia Cole, right," Kim told the audience at the Hippodrome club on Friday, referencing Cole's single "I Ain't Thru" featuring Nicki. "Coming at me and the motherf---in' other queen, Mary J. Blige. Me and my girl Mary J. Blige about to eat these bitches alive where they won't even f---ing exist no more and erase their f---ing social security number! We gon' remind them who the f--- we are! I'm not playing with this bitch for 2011. I'm saying, we can rock together but, bitch, you ain't taking nothing from me!"

The spat that began last year looks like it will continue to run into the New Year.

Lil' Kim has spoken out in interviews about Nicki Minaj, revealing that the two were set to collaborate before the veteran rapper felt the newcomer wasn't paying her proper homage.

In an interview with New York hip-hop radio station Hot 97, Lil' Kim explained how she briefly aligned herself with Cash Money Records — the parent label to Nicki's recording home, Young Money. While the two were working on projects, they discussed collaborating. Once they began putting a song together, however, Kim suggested that the younger artist got upset over her lack of recognition on the number compared to the one-time Biggie Smalls protégé.

The two have been trading barbs ever since, with Minaj unleashing a track aimed at Kim, "Roman's Revenge," that appears on her debut album, Pink Friday.

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