Lady Gaga To Unveil Polaroid 'Grey Label' Project At CES

Pop star's collaboration with the instant-camera maker will be revealed Thursday.

Nearly a year ago, when Lady Gaga announced that she had signed on as a creative director with Polaroid, the singer told fans she'd already begun work on a series of "prototypes in the vein of fashion/technology/photography innovation." This Thursday, we'll finally get to see the fruits of her labor.

That's when Polaroid will unveil their so-called "Grey Label," the end result of — as the company puts it in a statement — "a collaboration between two of the most influential icons of our time: Polaroid and Lady Gaga." The launch will happen at the massive Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, but little monsters can also watch it unfold live on at 3:30 p.m. PT.

Of course, it's not exactly clear what Polaroid's Grey Label will actually entail (the former instant-camera giant says it will be "the next generation instant experience"), but there's already a fancy website dedicated to the project, complete with a clock counting down to the big reveal.

Gaga isn't speaking about the project either (she's probably too busy unveiling pertinent information about her upcoming Born This Way album — and her backside — on Twitter, but in April, she held a creative meeting with Polaroid in Tokyo, in which she apparently wowed her new corporate partners with her ideas.

"It's very clear from our first few sessions that she is a creative tour-de-force, and a key player on the Polaroid team. ... The partnership is all channeling Lady Gaga's fashion sense to create innovative products with her fans in mind," a post on Polaroid's website read last year. "The collaboration will deliver new products that mix the best of 'instant' with digital era multi-media. Lady Gaga has a personal connection to the Polaroid experience that she wants to share with the world through the introduction of products that will appeal to a new generation."