Kim Kardashian Debuts First Single, 'Turn It Up'

Reality star played song by The-Dream at her Las Vegas New Year's Eve party.

Reality-TV star Kim Kardashian rang in the new year by debuting a new look — cornrows — and giving clubgoers at TAO in Las Vegas a listen to her debut single, tentatively titled "Turn It Up."

On Saturday, Kardashian, 30, told her Twitter followers that 2011 is "all about trying new things and going for it! I'm starting mine with something fun and crazy!" She then posted photos of her new "Bo Derek braids" and what appeared to be a series of stills from her first video with the tease, "I know u c me on the video ... TRUE! I know you'll hear me on the radio."

Later that night, she unwrapped the song written by The-Dream, which is a straightforward dance floor banger with a thumping Euro club beat and Kardashian's heavily processed vocals. The video for the tune was filmed last week in Los Angeles by famed video auteur Hype Williams. After she was spotted in the studio with Kanye West, it was reported that the MC could make a cameo in the clip. reported that Kardashian introduced the tune to NYE revelers at TAO by saying, "I did this song with The-Dream and it's really fun. I hope you guys like it."

Release dates for the song and the video have not yet been announced.

Last month, pal Ciara talked to MTV News about Kardashian's budding music career. "[Kim] is fascinated with the music-video process and stuff like that," Ciara said. "She's a very, very glamorous girl. She really loves that whole idea, and so she joked about [it], like, 'I wanna shoot a music video ... but I don't want people to take it too serious. I would just like to have fun with it.' "

With encouragement from Ciara and other hitmakers, Kardashian decided to give music a shot.

"Actually Dream had reached out to me too, and I was like, 'Hey, I'm gonna hit her up.' I know she talked about music before. She wasn't all the way sure of it, but I said, 'Hey, give it a try, go for it. If you like it, you like it. If you don't, you don't,' " Ciara said of her encouraging message to Kardashian.

"The cool thing is that you're able to even experiment with that. Dream is a really, really great producer and writer, so that's really cool that you get the moment to do that. So go for it. ... "I think ... she's gonna have a little pop and I think a little attitude. She's a girly girl [kind of] girl too, but she still has attitude," she said. "I think it's gonna be all that in her music."