New Justin Timberlake Song 'Take You Down' Leaks

Club-ready tune was reportedly produced by the Neptunes.

[artist id="1231683"]Justin Timberlake[/artist] has said over and over again that he's not ready to record a new album. Nonetheless, that hasn't stopped the pop star-turned-actor from hitting the studio for collaborations with other artists and doing some recording here and there for himself. His latest musical serving to appease his hungry fans is a track called "Take You Down," which leaked online Thursday (December 30).

Timberlake opens


target="_blank">the drum-heavy track with a summon to all the girls, before a female vocalist echoes the matching line with a series of stuttering "uh-oh's." The song, reportedly produced by the Neptunes, finds JT luring, tempting and somewhat challenging his female interest.

"I've seen my magic/ What's your looks and your religion?/ And I want you to understand that I can make you feel better/ So it's me and you, my place, sexiness all day/ I'mma do whatever you like, if you cater to me all night, girl," he sings during the second verse.

In addition to production credits, various Internet blogs have reported that "Take You Down" may in fact be a demo as opposed to one of the 29-year-old's own songs.

Timberlake recently spoke to the Los Angeles Times about fans who feel like the star has neglected his musical calling. "They're looking at me like, 'Why aren't you staying with one path?' " he said.

"They look at me like I'm ungrateful for my music career because I want to do film."

Until JT feels ready to hit the studio to record the follow-up to 2006's FutureSex/LoveSounds, fans will have to make do with the singer's scarce musical ventures. His next offering may be a collaboration with Drake, who recently revealed, "I've always wanted to work with him, and it's in the works right now: Me and Justin Timberlake will probably have a song soon."

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