Ryan Gosling Calls ‘Blue Valentine’ A ‘Cautionary Tale’ For Couples

'People can see the film and can see themselves in it or say, 'How do we keep that from happening?' ' he tells MTV News.

We already know Ryan Gosling thinks his latest film, “Blue Valentine,” is a “nice companion piece” to his 2004 romantic drama “The Notebook.” And this is despite “Valentine” having much darker, more sexually charged elements and some MPAA ratings drama .

But we wanted to know, given the film’s edgier theme, is it detrimental or beneficial for a couple to see together?

“I think it’s the best thing for a couple to see, honestly. I’m not just trying to sell the movie,” Gosling insisted when MTV News caught up with him. “Well, I am trying to hawk the movie,” he laughed, adding that he thinks it’s good for couples to see and experience together, since it might prompt discussion or bring to light existing problems in a relationship that the couple could be trying to ignore.

“If there is a problem in their relationship, they’re not able to look at it, and they’re caught in their own experience of it, there’s no dialogue about any of the bigger issues,” Gosling explained. “I think ['Blue Valentine' is] a cautionary tale about what can happen to love if you ignore it and you take it for granted.”

He went on to say that, because the film highlights the “nitty-gritty” of what it takes to sustain a romantic relationship, it will get couples talking.

“I think that people can see the film and can see themselves in it or say, ‘How do we keep that from happening?’ ”

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