Kelly Osbourne Isn't First Celeb To Publicly Lash Out At An Ex

Our relationship expert offers advice after reality star's Twitter tirade against Luke Worrall and David Arquette's candid sex talk about Courteney Cox.

After Kelly Osbourne's recent Twitter tirade against ex-fiancé Luke Worrall, which included several potentially slanderous and profanity-laced statements, it seemed wise that the reality star said she'd be signing off Twitter for a while, hopefully in order to recover from her heartbreak and stop airing any more dirty laundry in such a public setting.

Osbourne's incident reminded us of David Arquette calling into Howard Stern and discussing his and ex Courteney Cox's sex life on the radio.

This got us to thinking: How do you bounce back from such emotional, and often regrettable, actions? According to relationship expert Amy Laurent, the first thing to do: Stop talking.

"The worst thing you can do is lash out in public," Laurent told MTV News. "The way [Osbourne] comes off is not good. I don't know the ins and outs of their relationship, but the best thing she can do is to stop talking. Don't say a word more."

Laurent added that Osbourne's reactions were a natural part of the grieving process, but that she should make some kind of comment or apology, acknowledging the fact that she was hurt, upset and just plain heartbroken.

"When you get your heart broken, [the first cycle of grief] is the sadness, the depression, crying, and then the next cycle is to get angry," Laurent explained. "That's the natural progression."

Laurent added, with regard to Arquette's situation, he should have gone straight to Cox to apologize. "If you're still talking to them, go to that person you broke up with and apologize and see if you can join forces," she said. " 'I'm sorry I was stupid.' Try and have that other person support you to clean it up."

For anyone suffering from a recent breakup, not just celebrities, Laurent recommended staying away from sites like Facebook and Twitter.

"Don't Facebook stalk," she said. "I would recommend to totally refrain from any of that stuff, even making little comments in reference. ... And don't do anything impulsively, she added. It's hard to do when you're emotional, when you have a broken heart, but you have to slow down and not do anything impulsive."

For celebs, however, the bar for expected good behavior after breaking up with another famous face is much higher. Laurent said there's an aspect of censorship to which celebs unfortunately have to adhere.

"Nobody ever wants to think that they have to censor themselves, but to a certain extent, [celebrities] can't 100 percent be themselves," she said. "Someone like David Arquette, he is more easily forgivable, people want to like him. He's a perfect example of how people make mistakes and you can kind of fix those mistakes if you're willing to admit it."

Laurent said Osbourne's rant, unfortunately, went way too far.

"You have to show a level of restraint, even if that person cheated on you, treated you like absolute dirt. You still can't lash out, because you're not going to get that sympathy from the public if you do that," she said. "But I think she's sensitive and young. I feel bad for her. I hope people keep that in mind when they judge her, but I hope she really learns from this."

Was Osbourne's rant justified? How can she recover? Tell us in the comments!