Lady Gaga's 2010 Looks, From Lacy Gowns To The Meat Dress

Singer made headlines for her fashions throughout the year.

This may always be remembered as the year that Lady Gaga wore a meat dress to the VMAs, but the singer wore more than meat in 2010. As one of the year's most stylish celebrities, Gaga managed to make headlines for her fashions, be they weird or beautiful.

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She wore hats made of telephones, semi-nude bodysuits, dresses that looked like they were modeled on planets, lots of bikinis (even one made of meat), mirrors, sunglasses, masks and really anything your fashionista heart could desire. She took risks, and at times, even when she was dressed more conventionally, still looked edgy and completely herself.

As the face of the MAC Viva Glam campaign, Gaga hit the trail alongside pop icon Cyndi Lauper to spread the word about the charity. During an event in London, Gaga donned all-black lace, including a bodysuit and tights. But she took the fitted, demure frock and amped up the style by including a voluminous hat-and-mask combination. Gaga once again wore lace, this time white, to the Almay concert to celebrate the Rainforest Fund. The look included a bodice, a bouffant and a flowery hair clip.

Gaga wore several memorable looks to the VMAs, but it was her most sedate that was the most traditionally stylish. Her leather Armani-designed gown might have looked silly on anyone else, thanks to its pointy bustier, but if anyone can pull off points and a Mohawk, it's Gaga.

The singer also displayed her keen eye for fashion on the streets. While out in London in October, Gaga went boho chic rocking a gray and blue wig, tiered pale-blush gown and sunglasses. Meanwhile, in Paris months later, Gaga looked refined in a blush- and lavender-hued Victorian-style gown that she paired with sunglasses and a beehive.

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