'Teen Mom' Star Amber Portwood Charged With Domestic Battery, Neglect

Charges stem from Portwood's assault of Gary Shirley in front of their daughter, Leah.

MTV's "Teen Mom" star Amber Portwood was arrested on Monday and charged with felony domestic battery and child neglect stemming from her behavior on the reality television series.

Portwood, 20, is one of four women the show chronicles as they attempt to manage as young mothers. Last season, Portwood's tumultuous relationship with her on-and-off fiancé took a turn for the worse when she punched him in the face. Gary Shirley, 24, is the father of Portwood's daughter, Leah; the state of Indiana, which has been investigating Portwood since last season, filed charges against her for assaulting Shirley in front of their child. The two have a rocky history, and episodes of the series showed Portwood abusing Shirley, and abused him, both physically and verbally, twice in front of their child. Portwood was held for 24 hours following her arrest, according to The Associated Press.

A representative for "Teen Mom" had no comment on the matter when contacted by MTV News. In November, Portwood agreed to be monitored by child protective services for six months. That same month, state officials charged her with three counts of domestic violence as a result of her actions on "Teen Mom." Last month, the state of Indiana began the process of taking Portwood's daughter, Leah, away from her.

The child is still in Portwood's custody, however, until a hearing is set.

For all her struggles, Portwood has often been regretful about her treatment of Shirley. During the reunion episode after season two, she opened up about her mistakes and was apologetic.

"I have no clue why I hurt Gary," she confessed. "I sort of do, but it's kind of beyond myself. I can't help myself. I have to get help and then help myself. I never notice how bad I am until I see it. And I feel so terrible. And it's like, did I really do that? The people who are around me, how do they feel? I don't remember it being that bad at the time. How did Gary feel? What the hell was I doing?

"I'm ashamed of the type of human being I am," Portwood added. "I don't think I'm worth the time. I think that Gary can't get away from me and he needs to find somebody better. There's better people out there. I care about him so much, but nobody can tell. I don't treat him the way I feel."