'Little Fockers' Director On Sequel

'It's funny because the end has kind of a setup for a sequel,' Paul Weitz says.

As the "Fockers" franchise has been wont to do throughout its 10-year run, the third installment in the highly successful franchise, "Little Fockers," brought in major box-office dollars once again during its opening weekend. This more than proves that it doesn't matter that audiences had to wait six years between "Meet the Fockers" and the latest film: They like to see Robert DeNiro get silly with Ben Stiller. And Dustin Hoffman and Barbra Streisand, for that matter.

Given the success of "Little Fockers," the next question on inquiring minds is, "When are they shooting a sequel?" When we caught up with director Paul Weitz recently during the press tour for "Fockers," we asked him what talk he'd heard about a potential fourth film.

"There's been none with me," Weitz said, indicating that this directorial romp with the "Fockers" will be his one and only. "I would be the first in line to buy a ticket [to the fourth film]," he said.

But even though it sounds like Weitz won't be involved in moving the Fockers forward, he had a pretty good idea of why people think there might be one planned.

"It's funny because the end has kind of a setup for a sequel [minor spoiler alert ahead!], where they say 'We're buying the house two doors down' " Weitz said. "Which was really a last-second thought by [screenwriter] John Hamburg. It wasn't sort of a calculated 'Alright, what's the sequel going to be,' " he explained. "But it does seem like a good setup for a sequel!"

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