'Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark' To Resume Performances After Injury

Following fourth injury, the Broadway musical is canceling only its Wednesday matinee.

After a fourth person was injured during the Broadway preview run of "Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark," the Wednesday matinee show has been postponed, but all subsequent shows will proceed as scheduled, a spokesperson for the production told MTV News.

Stunt double and aerialist Christopher Tierney, 31, was hurt on Monday during the final moments of a preview performance. The cable he was attached to snapped, and he fell approximately 8 to 10 feet. He was taken to New York's Bellevue Hospital with multiple broken ribs and substantial bleeding, BroadwayWorld.com reported. He is being held in serious but stable condition.

Rick Miramontez, the spokesperson for the $65 million musical, told MTV News that representatives from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Actors Equity and New York State Department of Labor met with the "Spider-man" company on Tuesday (December 21) to discuss additional safety protocols to prevent more injuries.

"It was agreed that these measures would be enacted immediately," he said.

That agreement prevented the show from being delayed anymore than it already has been. Producers for "Turn Off the Dark" recently announced the opening of the musical would be delayed from January 11 to February 7. Previous injuries on the set included actress Natalie Mendoze being hit on the head with a rope and suffering a concussion.

The musical, a creative brainchild of "Across the Universe" director Julie Taymor and U2 band members Bono and The Edge, involves telling the story of Spider-man in a musical fashion and incorporates acrobatics and cable work so the actors can fly across the stage like Spidey with his web. The Edge explained to MTV News last month that "it's elements of rock and roll, it's elements of circus, it's elements of opera, of musical theater. It is so many different things, and when we started the process, we promised we'd do something that hasn't been done before. And really, we, I think, have managed to do that."

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