Wiz Khalifa To Go Green On Next Single, 'Roll Up'

Pittsburgh MC tells MTV News he just 'came up with' follow-up to 'Black and Yellow.'

[artist id="2427571"]Wiz Khalifa[/artist] may not be an environmentalist, but the Pittsburgh rapper does have a thing for the green movement.

So for a follow-up to his breakout hit "Black and Yellow," it only makes sense he tap a resource he's familiar with.

"The next single is called 'Roll Up,' surprisingly," he told MTV News with a laugh. "Really, I just needed another single and we were trying to come up with a look and then me and [my manager] talked about it," Wiz continued. "We talked about it for three minutes. And then I came up with that song."

The track is slated for release on his forthcoming debut album, which is yet-untitled but tentatively scheduled for a March release.

"I'm definitely looking forward to my next single coming out," Wiz said. "I'm looking forward to my album dropping in late March, which is gonna be exciting for me and the Taylors worldwide. Like I keep saying, always keep building on top of my brand, keep doing what I'm doing and make new fans."

The MC is currently in Los Angeles, where MTV News visited Wiz and Snoop Dogg as they shot the video for the remix, or G-mix, to Wiz's "Black and Yellow."

"Black and yellow, ahh, black and yellow/ See me now they treating me like I'm somebody special," Wiz spits on the remix. "Smoking on that good, know it's me soon as they smell it/ You can chill, I'm the one who get it, not the one who sell it/ I grind every day, I'm balling, I can't help it/ N---as on that bullsh--, my pockets full of Celtics."

Snoop sent a picture to Twitter of the pair partaking in some smoke-filled activities while in the studio over the weekend. "Tha Dogg N @RealWizKhalifa blowin' like a broke stove, ya digggggggg?!?!?!" Snoop wrote.

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