'Spider-Man' Musical Sees Another Actor Injured

Stunt double is fourth castmember hurt during pre-production on Broadway play.

Maybe U2's Bono and The Edge should have considered a theatrical production based on Superman (a.k.a. the Man of Steel) rather than Spider-Man. The musicians' plagued play, "Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark," suffered a new setback on Monday when another actor was injured and taken to the hospital, according to

target="_blank">The New York Times.

Overall, it's the fourth castmember to be injured during pre-production.

According to the


target="_blank">New York Post, the injured actor is Christopher Tierney, a stunt double and aerialist, who was hurt when a cable he was attached to snapped during the final minutes of a preview performance. The Times reports that Tierney fell from a distance of approximately eight to 10 feet.

"You heard screams," an audience member told The Times. "You heard a woman screaming and sobbing."

The Post added that Tierney was admitted to New York's Bellevue Hospital, and that he was listed in stable condition.

Producers recently announced that the official opening of "Spider-Man" would be pushed back once again, this time until February 7, as the crew tinkers with creative changes.

Last month, Bono and The Edge spoke to MTV News about the project.

"It's like a graphic novel, but a three-dimensional one," Bono said of the show. "I'm calling it a pop-up, pop-art opera, because I'm pretentious."

The Edge added, "It is elements of rock and roll, it's elements of circus, it's elements of opera, of musical theater. It is so many different things, and when we started the process, we promised we'd do something that hasn't been done before. And really, we, I think, have managed to do that."