Lady Gaga Monster Ball Paris Tour Stop Cancelled

A ban barring vehicles over a certain weight on the road in bad weather derailed singer's Paris date.

[artist id="3061469"]Lady Gaga's[/artist] French fans will have to wait to check out the singer rock "Bad Romance" due to some bad weather.

The superstar's Monster Ball Tour was slated to hit Paris' Bercy venue on Sunday (December 19), but severe weather derailed the pop megastar's plans. According to a press release posted on the theater's website, Gaga's Sunday show was cancelled because of a ban barring heavy vehicles over 7.5 tons from hitting the road in dicey conditions.

Gaga tweeted that French authorities had taken custody of her caravan for over a day and arrested two members of her camp when the crew arrived for the Paris date.

"All 28 of my trucks for the Monsterball were detained by the French government going on over 26 hrs, 2 of my employees were arrested trying to get into Paris so we could perform," she tweeted. "I am furious and devastated, its unfair to my fans and to me."

Gaga added that she tried to tone down the theatrics but was told a lack of production resources ruled out the option of a simpler version of the elaborate stage show.

"I asked if I could do a stripped version of show, but there would be no sound or power source, its all been detained," she wrote. "I'm so sorry,angry+sad."

The songstress, who famously hates ditching appearances, apologized for not being able to hit the stage.

"I love Paris + I love my French fans. I'm sorry little monsters. A photo of storm, I'm stuck on bus," she wrote, tweeting a snapshot of the grey weather.

The theater maintained that the Monday show will go on as planned, but could not confirm if the Sunday date will be officially moved to Tuesday.

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