Prince Brings The Party To New Jersey Concert

The Purple One delighted the Izod Center crowd at his Welcome 2 America Tour stop on Friday with a career-spanning set and some special guests.

What man can make three-inch gold heels and a glittering top work?

Only Prince, of course.

On Friday, the Purple One performed at New Jersey's Izod Center for

his Welcome 2 America Tour

before a packed crowd, seated well into the nose-bleeds. Drawing from

his early catalogue, the icon began the show with a medley of "Let's

Go Crazy" and "Delirious."

Working a stage shaped like the symbol he was "formerly known as,"

Prince strutted in a black

suit detailed with gold trim while sporting his signature short

haircut. His band included three background singers -- dressed in

everything from feathers to polka dots -- a female bassist, two

keyboardists and a drummer.

Maintaining the energy, the Minneapolis native kicked off "1999" with

a question, "What'd y'all come to do . party?" Then, with a spotlight

focused on him alone, Prince squealed a slow rendition of "Little Red

Corvette" that sped up during each chorus only to smooth out again

when it returned to the verses. Taking his jacket off, he threw the

garment on the ground to reveal a bejeweled scarf slung around his

neck as the fans screamed and the Grammy award winner disappeared

below the stage.

In the following act, Prince, now wearing a mustard-colored silk

pantsuit with a ruffled top, returned to the stage alongside ballerina


Copeland. Copeland is the first African American female soloist in

the American Ballet Theatre. As she twirled around the stage, the two

created a sensual high-art version of "The Beautiful Ones," where each

danced atop the stage's purple piano.

During "Controversy," famed funk saxophonist

href="" target="_blank">Maceo

Parker took the stage for a worthy solo as Prince directed the


"I don't care what they told, wave your phones side to side!" he said,

just before asking the crowd, "What shall we do? Can I do some for


Breaking into "Take Me With You," as confetti began to pour from the

ceiling and onto the stage, the singer and his band moved seamlessly

into "Guitar," from Prince's 2007 LP, Planet Earth. The lights

then dimmed and became purple as the band strummed the introduction to

perhaps the biggest song of the artist's career, "Purple Rain."

Walking around the stage, the petite performer encouraged his New York

and New Jersey fans to sing the cut's bridge before he belted out the

lyrics himself. As the song came to an end, Prince disappeared below

the stage once again.

Talented drummer Sheila E then arose, flanked by a drum kit, as the

Izod Center shook with applause. The "Krush Groove" star, sporting a

sequin tank top, pants and over-the-knee boots, banged out her 1984

hit, "The Glamorous Life," before Prince joined in for their duet

"Love Bizarre." To the delight of Sheila's enthusiasts, who were

standing in their seats with excitement, she performed an impromptu

drum solo and then Prince invited audience members to the stage for

the Morris Day & the Time cuts "Jungle Love" and "The Bird." Waving

goodbye, Prince, Sheila and the band disappeared backstage.

But the crowd would not accept their departure.

Wooed by applause and cheers, Prince returned for an encore and ran

through "If I Was Your Girlfriend," "Insatiable" and "Scandalous"

before finally wishing everyone a good night.

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Welcome 2 America shows? Tell us in the comments.