Lady Gaga And Kanye West Are 2010's Most Fashionable Celebs

Rihanna, Kim Kardashian and Katy Perry also shined this year.

What four ladies and one dude had everyone buzzing about their fashion choices in 2010? Well, this year, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West kept us guessing about what they would wear on a daily basis.

From red carpets to high-profile Hollywood events, these five had us trying to copy some of their hottest looks. Here are some of their fashion highlights from the past 12 months:

[url id=""]Lady Gaga[/url]

Listen, Lady Gaga isn't scared to try anything when it comes to fashion. She takes risks, breaks all the rules and makes a whole new set of her own. She's Lady Gaga — need we say anything more?

Standout Moments: It's easy to say the "meat dress," but we have a few others as well. The Armani Prive orbital dress she wore to the Grammys was out of this world, the Alexander McQueen VMA red-carpet dress showed she was a Renaissance woman, and her black Armani VMA dress was also stunning. Finally, the black-sequin bodysuit she wore to the "We Are Plastic Ono Band" tribute was truly Gaga hippie-chic.


With one change of her hair, Rihanna became red-hot and set the trend for everyone to embrace fiery-red locks. Her fierce sense of style combined street edge with girly frills. Not many can pull off a tutu the way Rihanna does, but she works it with confidence and a big smile.

Standout Moments: Her ethereal white EMA Marchesa gown was show-stopping, her Madonna-esque VMA performance tutu and belly-baring tank top was truly Rih, her super-short patterned shirt dress she wore to the Kids' Choice Awards was hip, and that lacy red gown she wore to the AMAs embraced her siren side.

[url id=""]Katy Perry[/url]

"California Gurls" may wear daisy dukes and bikinis on top, but this particular California girl wears lots of latex and sequins, not that we hear any of the guys complaining. The singer proved that in 2010, she wasn't just a certifiable pop star, but also a full-fledged fashionista.

Standout Moments: She glowed at the Met Costume Gala; the sparkly, nude-colored mini she wore to the MTV Movie Awards had us doing double takes; her peacock-colored, sequined one-piece at the Kids' Choice Awards was very Vegas; and her Zac Posen, gold flower-petal-emblazoned gown she wore to the Grammys definitely referenced her time in India.

[url id=""]Kim Kardashian[/url]

It's not easy wearing bandage dresses and Grecian-style gowns, but reality TV's starlet du jour, Kim K, does it with ease and sass and manages to pull off each look rather, dare we say, seamlessly.

Standout Moments: Strutting her stuff like Liz Taylor or J.Lo at the CFDA Awards in her pale-blue, jewel-encrusted gown; keeping it short and sweet at a Beyoncé event in November; looking femme-fatale glam at the FiFi Awards in her strapless, body-hugging black dress; and looking white-hot at the Emmy Awards in her Grecian gown complete with golden detailing on her neckline.

[url id=""]Kanye West[/url]

There aren't many guys who are able to stand up in the fashion ring alongside the ladies, but Kanye West isn't just any guy. He's a guy who can wear a grill, a giant chain and a red suit all at once and somehow make it look sophisticated and not gaudy. On his Twitter page, he always shows love to high-end designers like Lanvin and has us salivating over his taste in couture.

Standout Moments: His VMA performance suit was red-hot and a reference to the similar outfit he wore to the BET Awards earlier that was equally eye-catching. His suits from the "Runaway" film were so well-tailored, and the plaid blazer he wore to the "We Are the World" recording session was gaudy and purely Yeezy.

Whose fashion did you covet in 2010? Let us know in the comments!