Kim Kardashian's Music With The-Dream Will Have 'Attitude,' Ciara Says

Singer and producer Tricky Stewart talk about the reality siren's stab at music.

Glamour girl Kim Kardashian already has reality starlet, unwitting adult-film actress and red-carpet regular on her résumé as a Hollywood siren. According to the diva's good friend Ciara, Kardashian is now looking to make her mark in the music game — and CiCi is down to lend a hand.

"I told her if she needs me, I'm here," Ciara smiled about giving her curvy friend some crooning tips. The "Speechless" songstress said Kardashian isn't trying to change the game, but is rather just embarking on a fun venture.

"She really, really is fascinated with the music-video process and stuff like that. She's a very, very glamorous girl. She really loves that whole idea, and so she joked about [it] like, 'I wanna shoot a music video ... but I don't want people to take it too serious. I would just like to have fun with it,' " Ciara said.

Kardashian may have just been messing around initially, but with the encouragement of her A-list friends and access to chart-topping hitmakers, Ciara said the reality vixen decided to take the plunge.

"Actually Dream had reached out to me too, and I was like, 'Hey, I'm gonna hit her up.' I know she talked about music before. She wasn't all the way sure of it, but I said, 'Hey, give it a try, go for it. If you like it, you like it. If you don't, you don't.' The cool thing is that you're able to even experiment with that. Dream is a really, really great producer and writer, so that's really cool that you get the moment to do that. So go for it," the "Gimmie Dat" singer said. "We had a lunch and we talked about it a little bit, and so I think she's gonna give it a shot."

Hit genie and record executive Tricky Stewart, who collaborated with The-Dream on Ciara's latest release, Basic Instinct, said the "Love King" artist has already hit the studio with Kardashian, but the details are being kept under wraps.

"I know that she recorded, but it's under lock and key what they're doing," he explained.

Ciara thinks Kardashian's music will reflect the star's feminine style revved up with some butt-kicking flair.

"I think ... she's gonna have a little pop and I think a little attitude. She's a girly girl [kind of] girl too, but she still has attitude," she said. "I think it's gonna be all that in her music."

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