'Tron Legacy' Star Olivia Wilde Talks Sequel Plans

Actress who plays Quorra hints Cillian Murphy's character will return.

We've long known that Disney has been positioning "Tron Legacy" as the first installment in a revamped take on the dude-gets-sucked-into-a-computer concept the studio pioneered in the early 1980s. Back in April, eight months before the new film was set to hit theaters, news broke that a script for another film already was in the works.

" 'Legacy' definitely ends in a way that there are opportunities to continue the story," producer Justin Springer told MTV News at the time.

Now that "Legacy" has hit the multiplex and the public at large has gotten a chance to see the fresh take on "Tron," the question becomes:

Where will the story go from here? We recently asked Olivia Wilde, who plays the digital creature Quorra.

Beware of major spoilers below!

As we find out at the end of the film, Quorra departs the computer world and materializes as a human being in the real world for the very first time. Wilde told us that if a sequel kicks into gear, fans should expect the story to mine her fish-out-of-mainframe tale.

"I'm so thrilled to play with Quorra in the human world. It would be sort of like 'Splash,' " she said, referring to the '80s comedy starring Daryl Hannah as a mermaid unleashed in Manhattan. "I want to see her whispering to laptops and hugging toasters. ... There's a whole other chapter ahead."

Fans should also stay tuned for further development of Cillian Murphy's character. Murphy plays Edward Dillinger, a rising star at ENCOM, the tech company at the center of the franchise's mythology, and the son of one of the first film's key villains. Murphy shows up in just one scene in "Legacy," but his role is likely to expand in the future.

"Cillian Murphy we were so lucky to have in this film. His part in 'Tron Legacy' is so mysterious and cool," Wilde said. "His role really fits into the mythology of 'Tron,' the corrupt environment of ENCOM. It just shows you that this fight is far from over."

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