Racy Demi Lovato Photos Leak Online

Pictures show Disney star wearing just a bra and licking a female friend's face.

In photos of Demi Lovato that hit the Net, the Disney star is seen pulling her shirt down to reveal her cleavage, surrounded by a group of her friends, and also posing in just a bra.

While the photos were published on the blog Anything Disney on Wednesday, other websites just picked them up Friday (December 17). Anything Disney posted an additional photo of Lovato, reportedly from the same night, where she is wearing a belly-baring top, pulling down her shirt and licking a female's face.

One of the women in the photos, donning orange/red hair and kissing Lovato's shoulder, appears to be Alex Welch, the dancer Lovato allegedly punched before the singer/actress entered a treatment facility last month.

Recently, Welch opened up about her incident with the teen star, noting that she was surprised when Lovato allegedly struck her. "I felt, honestly, I didn't say anything and didn't think twice about it," Welch recalled. "We were on the plane with the Jonases having this awesome time, and I didn't get a call or text from Demi or a 'Hey, you got a problem with me,' nothing. And she walks up and punches me and, literally, walked away and got in her seat. No one should walk up and do that and brush it over, it's not right."

Kevin Jonas recently told MTV's "The Seven" that he hasn't spoken with his former tourmate recently. "I really haven't had any contact [with her]," Kevin said. "Of course, we wish her well in her recovery."

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