'Tron Legacy' Director Says He Likes To Challenge The Audience

Joseph Kosinski tells MTV News, 'There's some stuff in this film that people maybe aren't expecting.'

For those "Tron" fans who've been waiting patiently for the release of "Tron Legacy" — a semi-sequel more than 20 years in the making — the day has arrived! Starting Friday (December 17), Jeff Bridges (playing two roles, no less) can now be seen in theaters nationwide.

Given the original film's storied and groundbreaking history, MTV News asked first-time director Joseph Kosinski what reactions he hopes "Legacy" viewers will have.

"Hopefully, people will have the same reaction I did when I saw the first 'Tron,' " Kosinski said. "It looked different than anything else out there; it sounded different than anything else out there; it was bold in its concept and in the technology, the way it pushed technology," he recalled. "So hopefully, audiences feel the same way about this film, because that's what we tried to do."

Speaking of pushing the boundaries of technology and sound, "Legacy" is more than just your average popcorn flick. There are thematic elements that demand the audience's attention in ways different from other films. Kosinski said that was one of his goals in continuing the story.

"I can only make the film that I would want to see. I like films that challenge the audience," he explained. "I like films that require you to pay attention, and there's some stuff in this film that people maybe aren't expecting, which to me are the most exciting parts."

For the astute viewer — or fans of films like "Blade Runner," "2001: A Space Odyssey" and "Star Wars" — a few of those exciting parts might feel just a bit familiar.

"I was a child of the '80s, so those are obviously films that made huge impressions on me," Kosinski said. "I think every director is a combination, can cite influences from all the films, especially films you see as a kid, for whatever reason, those are the ones that impact you the strongest," he added. "I think there are bits of all of those in here."

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