Wiz Khalifa Taps Snoop Dogg For New 'Black And Yellow' Remix

The official 'G-mix' to the upstart MC's breakout track also features Juicy J, T-Pain.

Roll down the windows — Wiz Khalifa has recruited Snoop Dogg, along with Juicy J and T-Pain, for the official "G-mix" remix to his breakout hit, "Black and Yellow."

The two smokers trade Willie Nelson-approved lines on the blue collar number.

"Big Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa," the Left Coast veteran raps. "See on the West Coast I'm the Big Chief-a."

Meanwhile, the "Hottest Breakthrough MC of 2010" more than holds his own on the cloudy tune.

"Black and yellow, ahh, black and yellow/ See me now they treating me like I'm somebody special," Wiz spits. "Smoking on that good, know it's me soon as they smell it/ You can chill, I'm the one who get it, not the one who sell it/ I grind every day, I'm balling, I can't help it/ N----s on that bullsh--, my pockets full of Celtics."

In the latest issue of The Source, which named Wiz its Rookie of the Year, he told the magazine that he'd like to relocate to Los Angeles soon so he can smoke in peace.

Last month, the rapper was arrested in North Carolina on drug charges after authorities found marijuana on his tour bus. Wiz remained level-headed throughout the incident, however, saying he needed to pay better attention to his surroundings as he becomes more successful.

"They want to try to scare you or make an example out of you before you get too far into what you're doing," Wiz told MTV News shortly after his arrest. "When I started doing what I was doing [in the music industry], I was ready for it. Just being from where I'm from, I was already a target on a small scale. But as I build up and become more nationally known, that scale just gets larger."

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