'Spider-Man' Musical Delayed ... Again

The show, which features a score by U2's Bono and The Edge, will now open in February.

It seems like the creators of "Spider-Man Turn Off the Dark" could use some help from a superhero.

target="_blank">The Wall Street Journal reports that the Broadway play's opening has been delayed for a third time in order for the team to rework the ending and fix other issues.

The play's opening has been moved from January 11 to a yet-unannounced February date. Currently it stands as Broadway's most expensive musical, having amassed a production budget of more than $60 million, with Julie Taymor directing and U2's Bono and The Edge scoring the music for the elaborate stage show, which features castmembers performing a variety flying maneuvers.

"Spider-Man" was supposed to open in February 2010, but financial problems halted its debut. The play's premiere then moved from December 21 to January 11 when preview performances were delayed to late November.

With the production plagued by multiple snafus, Bono and The Edge talked with MTV the show recently about the show's complex staging.

"It's like a graphic novel, but a three-dimensional one," Bono said. "I'm calling it a pop-up, pop-art opera, because I'm pretentious. Julie's calling it what?"

"I think she's calling it a rock-and-roll circus drama," The Edge added. "We don't really know what to call it, because there are so many aspects to it ... A great night out. I think that's what it is."

Bono also discussed the musical's plot, drawing parallels between the web-slinging superhero and himself.

"There are lots of similarities," the singer explained. "He grew up in Queens. We grew up on the north side of Dublin — fairly humble origins. He falls in love with the girl next door. I married the girl next door. He starts to put on a silly costume ... yes."