Katy Perry Is MTV News' #2 Woman Of The Year

Perry got married and ruled the charts in 2010.

For most women, getting married to the man of their dreams would be enough to make a pretty good year. But when you're a larger-than-life pop diva like [artist id="3274550"]Katy Perry[/artist], exchanging rings with comedic beau Russell Brand is just one of the bold headlines in a 365-day whirlwind that also included a successful tour and a trio of inescapable radio smashes that permanently smacked down any fears of a sophomore slump.

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After meeting at the 2009 VMAs, Perry and Brand started off 2010 with a bang by [article id="1629130"]announcing their engagement[/article], and frankly, things just got better and better for her from there.

2010 Highlights: An impressive engagement ring in hand, Perry set to work on her [article id="1629419"]follow-up to her 2008 breakthrough, One of the Boys,[/article] working again with pop maestros Dr. Luke and Max Martin while turning in one of the most memorable [article id="1630538"]guest-judge spots[/article] in the early audition rounds of what would turn out to be a very lackluster season of "American Idol."

There was the [article id="1630865"]inevitable pregnancy rumor[/article] to bat away, and then it was off to work on the "Smurfs" movie and complete the album, even as wedding plans continued apace. By March, [article id="1634937"]Perry was calling Brand a "bridezilla"[/article] for his fascination with all things marital, and news leaked that pal Rihanna was planning Perry's bachelorette party.

Like any proper pop star, Perry's songs started leaking early in May, and when her first single, the [article id="1638711"]Snoop Dogg-assisted "California Gurls,"[/article] finally dropped on May 7, fans had no idea how much a part of [article id="1639924"]their flip-flop months[/article] that insanely catchy song would become.

We got the first glimpse of six months of kaleidoscopic wigs and second-skin latex outfits at the MTV Movie Awards in June when she nearly melted the stage up with [article id="1640883"]her "Gurls" performance[/article], and the single made a historic rise to #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart a few days later. When the [article id="1641591"]sticky-sweet video[/article] debuted a week after that, well, it was clear Katy (and her whipped-cream-spurting bra) would be in a lot of late-night dreams for the rest of the year.

July and August brought a [article id="1645120"]false-starting lawsuit from the Beach Boys' publisher over "Gurls,"[/article] another fetish-fantasy performance at the [article id="1645434"]Teen Choice Awards[/article] and a triumphant chart debut in early September for [article id="1646970"]Teenage Dream,[/article] which successfully bumped Eminem's Recovery from the top of the charts.

She turned heads again [article id="1647911"]at the VMAs[/article] in September, played a sweet revenge show at her old high school and jetted to Las Vegas for a [article id="1648197"]bachelorette party hosted by Rihanna[/article] by month's end.

And what would a year of ups be without a few bumps and controversies? In Katy's case, it was her God-given assets that got her [article id="1648495"]bumped from "Sesame Street,"[/article] when some parents complained in late September that her cleavage was NSFK (not safe for kindergarten). She got her revenge a short time later by giving an eyeful on a [article id="1648721"]"Saturday Night Live" skit[/article] lampooning the flap and then flew to India in early October for her [article id="1650552"]lavish wedding to Brand[/article].

The year was rounded out with the empowering message of the [article id="1651063"]"Firework" video[/article], a headline-grabbing appearance at the [article id="1652041"]Victoria's Secret Fashion Show[/article], another boob-centric controversy, this time courtesy of the [article id="1652780"]poster for the "VH1 Divas Salute the Troops,"[/article] and a place on Amazon.com's year-end best-seller list.

An exotic wedding to the man of your dreams, a red-hot career, mad love from your fans and a jet-setting lifestyle — what more could a girl ask for in one year?

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