Kristen Stewart Is 'Incredible' In 'On The Road,' Garrett Hedlund Says

'Everyone is going to get to see how hard a worker she is,' he tells MTV News of KStew.

While Garrett Hedlund isn't exactly a household name yet, filmgoers will soon be very familiar with him via his two new projects "Tron Legacy" and "Country Strong," not to mention the upcoming "On the Road" film. When MTV News caught up with the busy man recently, we asked him about the recent uptick in his career — beginning with landing that coveted role in "On the Road."

"It's the hardest I've ever had to work, which is a very good sign," Hedlund said about the big-screen adaptation of Jack Kerouac's tour-de-beatnik classic. "It's the greatest experience of my lifetime — well, these last couple years have [been]. All these mean so much to me, with 'Tron Legacy' and the world getting to see ['Tron' director] Joseph Kosinski for the first time, who I feel is the next great visionary genius," he said. "For 'Country Strong,' I worked six months on the guitar to get that down and to play a country singer with Gwyneth [Paltrow] and that gets to showcase Shana Feste's incredible talents as a writer/director, because she's just miraculous.

"Now with 'On the Road,' getting to work with Walter Salles, who I owe such a tremendous amount to because he gives me so much," he explained of the "Motorcycle Diaries" director. "He fulfills me with so much other people haven't been able to do, and he does it so simply."

Hedlund went on to say that "Road" will be full color not black-and-white, which had been rumored, and he called the experience, fittingly, "a long journey."

Regarding Kristen Stewart, Hedlund had nothing but the highest compliments to pay his co-star.

"[She is] incredible, and in this, everyone is going to get to see how hard a worker she is, the devotion that she puts into her work," Hedlund enthused. "And her performance is going to be exposed highly in this."

Hedlund added that the entire cast is packed with talent. "Everybody, Sam Riley is phenomenal, we've had a lot of wonderful surprises in having people like Viggo Mortenson, Amy Adams, Elisabeth Moss join us," he said. "Most recently, Steve Buscemi and Terrence Howard. Alice Braga, it's been phenomenal, it's been quite the family."

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