Justin Bieber Is MTV News' #3 Man Of The Year

In 2010, the pop star cleans up at awards shows, causes worldwide pandemonium — and turns 16.

Justin Bieber seemingly did it all in 2010. He sold out concerts, filmed a movie, released two albums and set girls hearts aflutter — all in the span of 12 months. Not only is he arguably the biggest pop star in the world, he's also pals with some of hip-hop's biggest names (just ask Drake, Ludacris and Kanye West if you don't believe us), and he chills with some of the prettiest girls in the game thanks to friendships with ladies like Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez.

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This really is Justin Bieber's world, and we're all just living in it. For a kid from a small town in Canada, Bieber's meteoric rise to fame from Internet sensation to bona fide musical superstar may have seemed fast, but let's face it: Bieber is the real deal.

2010 Highlights: Justin Bieber kicked off 2010 with his [article id="1629953"]smash single "Baby."[/article] He also showed his charitable side appearing on [article id="1631445"]BET's "SOS: Help for Haiti" telethon[/article] and lending his voice to the [article id="1631137"]"We Are the World" remake[/article]. He was also a [article id="1630853"]presenter at the Grammy Awards[/article] alongside Ke$ha.

Bieber then went bowling with Drake and Ludacris in his [article id="1634559"]"Baby" video[/article] and would later date the clip's leading lady, [article id="1648362"]Jasmine Villegas[/article]. In February, [article id="1632410"]Justin caused hysteria in Paris[/article] during a trip to Europe, and then in March, he turned sweet 16, collaborated with Sean Kingston on the track [article id="1633167"]"Eeenie Meenie"[/article] and had Aziz Ansari mock him in a [article id="1634122"]Funny or Die clip he thought was "hilarious."[/article] He also released his sophomore album, [article id="1634361"]My World 2.0,[/article] which he promised would be "a lot of fun."

[article id="1634814"]Bieber became the subject of his own "Diary" special[/article] in late March, released his [article id="1635067"]video for "Never Let You Go"[/article] and made an appearance at the Teen Choice Awards. He kicked off April by [article id="1635272"]taking over Funny or Die[/article], where he joked, "I'm a star. I do what stars do. I ride on yachts. I autograph lady lumps."

That same month, Bieber once again showed his funny side on [article id="1635859"]"Saturday Night Live,"[/article] where he was the night's musical guest. He sat down with MTV News and [article id="1635933"]thanked his fans for making him a constant Twitter trend[/article].

He shook up New Zealand and Australia, causing more fan hysteria, and by May, his fans were [article id="1638775"]threatening the life of Kim Kardashian[/article] just for taking a Twitpic with him! In June, he hooked up with Jaden Smith for the [article id="1640447"]"Karate Kid" track "Never Say Never."[/article] He was nominated for the [article id="1641486"]Teen Choice Awards[/article] and hung out with his mentor Usher in the [article id="1641861"]"Somebody to Love" video[/article]. That same month, Bieber was a big winner at the [article id="1641967"]Much Music Awards[/article] and kicked off his [article id="1642269"]first-ever headlining tour[/article].

The second half of 2010 was just as busy for the star. In July, he and Lady Gaga battled it out for [article id="1649307"]YouTube supremacy[/article] and announced he'd be [article id="1644396"]on "CSI"[/article] and [article id="1644885"]releasing a book[/article]. (He followed through on all those promises by year's end.) By the end of August, [article id="1646789"]Kanye West's remix of "Runaway Love"[/article] hit the world, and it was announced that Bieber would be performing at the VMAs. He also filmed the concert portions of [article id="1646937"]his 3-D movie[/article] at Madison Square Garden.

[article id="1647731"]JB hit the stage at the VMAs[/article] in September and even took home [article id="1647673"]his first-ever Moonman[/article]. At the show, he shared with MTV News that [article id="1647976"]"girlfriends are trouble."[/article] He made his cameo on "CSI" and premiered his [article id="1649096"]video for "U Smile,"[/article] and then in October, he revealed the name of his 3-D flick — "Never Say Never" — as well as the first [article id="1650802"]trailer for the movie[/article].

In November, he released his book and his [article id="1652950"]My Worlds Acoustic[/article] album and took home a few [article id="1652783"]American Music Awards[/article]. And that brings us to December, when he [article id="1653803"]sat down with Barbara Walters[/article], made [article id="1654007"]Google's Zeitgeist list[/article] and went out for [article id="1654077"]pancakes with Selena Gomez[/article].

If doing all that in 12 months isn't reason enough to make Justin Bieber our #3 Man of the Year, then we're not sure what can.

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