Hugh Jackman Injured During 'Oprah' Stunt Down Under

Actor's face smashed during rappelling stunt from top of Sydney Opera House.

By most accounts, Oprah Winfrey and her audience are having a wonderful time in Australia. As the queen of daytime television celebrates her final months on broadcast TV with a trip Down Under with a lucky studio audience, she has been feted by a host of the country's biggest stars.

In fact, one of them, "Wolverine" hunk Hugh Jackman, had a big surprise for Winfrey on Tuesday (December 14), when he slid down a cable from the top of the iconic Sydney Opera House toward a giant outdoor stage set up for broadcast. But, according to a Reuters report, the stunt went wrong and Jackman failed to stop his ascent in time and crashed into the stage's lighting rig, smashing his face in the process.

"That was so much fun, until the end," Jackman joked. "I came down waving to everyone, looking over Sydney Harbor, saw my dad, the kids and you [Winfrey], went to pull the brake and then boing." Appearing later in the broadcast with a small bandage under one of his eyes, Jackman, whose two children were in the audience, told Winfrey that the excitement of sliding down the cable onto the stage caused him to hit the brake too late.

The actor reportedly suffered a black eye and was seen holding some ice to his face and taking a swig of red wine following the accident. Ever the professional, he shook off the mishap and appeared in a segment in which he gave Oprah some pointers on eating Vegemite, a traditional Australian spread made from black yeast.

Winfrey's 302 guests will serve as the audience for two episodes that will feature such Australian stars as Jackman, Russell Crowe, Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban and Olivia Newton John.