Weezer's Rivers Cuomo Reflects On Memories Tour, Plans More Shows In 2011

'To see 5,500 people singing along to every last word through every song was incredibly validating,' he says of Pinkerton performances.

With Weezer set to hit Boston on Tuesday night (December 14) for the next stop on the band's Memories Tour, playing The Blue Album one night and Pinkerton the next, frontman Rivers Cuomo chatted with MTV News about revving up the Weezer time machine.

For Cuomo, the shows are an "emotional, cathartic experience," especially during the Pinkerton set.

"The last time we played all of those songs, they went over like a lead balloon," Cuomo said. "And I just remember that feeling of just total rejection. And then to see 5,500 people singing along to every last word through every song on the album, even the really difficult ones, was incredibly validating for me."

Just 10 years ago, Cuomo didn't want to play any Pinkerton songs; it was just too painful. But he's since embraced the songs, thanks to the legion of vocal Weezer fans who pleaded for them over the years.

"Now we get to give them the whole thing, and it's a real joy for us," Cuomo beamed.

It's fitting that his favorite song to play on this tour comes from Pinkerton, a song called "Across the Sea." Cuomo described it as "the most personal and intimate and the most 'me' of anything I've ever written." So when he saw the audience respond to it so well on their first night of the tour, it was a huge moment for him. They might not have seen it under his T-shirt, but Cuomo said he had goose bumps all over during the performance.

And while Cuomo clued us into the Blue/Pinkerton tour idea on the set of Weezer's "Memories" video back in August, the thought started way before then and way smaller.

"I started thinking about doing just one show to commemorate the reissue of Pinkerton," Cuomo said. "The album was just reissued last month, and I think it was probably like in February of this year that I started thinking, 'Oh, you know, when we reissue the album, we should probably do a show in L.A. to commemorate the reissue.' And that turned into, 'Well, why don't we do The Blue Album too?' And 'Why don't we take it around the country and do as many markets as we can?' "

Even though the Memories Tour was only slated for a handful of cities (L.A., San Francisco, Boston, New York and Chicago), Weezer's 2011 plans should keep the nostalgia ride going much further.

"I'm sure Weezer will just keep touring, and I have a feeling that some of those shows will be these Memories shows, Blue and Pinkerton, and some of the shows will be more like greatest hits, depending on the show," Cuomo said.

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