Justin Bieber Impressed By 'Never Say Never' Footage

'I've seen like a little 10-minute reel ... It's amazing!' the pop star tells MTV News about his upcoming 3-D film.

[artist id="3187077"]Justin Bieber[/artist] had girls going insane last week when he announced that he would be flying out five lucky fans to [article id="1653980"]the premiere of his 3-D flick, "Never Say Never,"[/article] which hits theaters in February. So, when MTV News got a quick second with the singer at [article id="1654075"]Z100's Jingle Ball[/article] on Friday, we decided to get him to weigh in on what he's seen of [article id="1650810"]the Jon Chu-directed movie[/article].

"Basically it's gonna be, we're going to be flying kids out," he said about the contest, before turning his focus on the film itself. "I haven't seen any of it [really]. I've seen like a little 10-minute reel, but that's about it ... Yeah [it was in 3-D]. It's amazing!"

Bieber also has been tweeting about his excitement over [article id="1646937"]"Never Say Never,"[/article] which will include concert footage and interviews. "@jonmchu how is the movie doing? Excited to see the rough cut. Feb 11th is coming fast! #NeverSayNever3D," he wrote over the weekend. "Alright. got to get some sleep. show in Pittsburgh tomorrow. @jonmchu excited to see the movie man."

Chu also took to his Twitter over the weekend to get the buzz going for the film. "@justinbieber the movie is __________!!!!! It has been such a fun ride and I can't wait for u to see what we got for the world," the director wrote to the pop star. "@justinbieber if u hate it it's [your manager] @scooterbraun's fault. if u love it tell @paramountpictures 2get me a purple Segway 2ride around the lot on ... Im Already known as the BieberFreak director on the lot ... Imagine if I got My purple Segway and purple glasses. I'd OWN that name!! #likeit."

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