'Tron Legacy ' Star Garrett Hedlund Calls Movie 'Incredible Experience'

'It's such a high-tech adventure,' actor tells MTV News on the film's blue carpet.

"Tron" was an eye-popping technological extravaganza when it first hurtled into theaters in 1982 with its speeding light cycles and gaming imagery. The film eventually proved to be so influential — spawning video games and a whole "Tron"-obsessed subculture in its wake — that Disney circled back to the project for the 2010 sequel "Tron Legacy."

For Garrett Hedlund, who plays Sam Flynn, the son of software engineer Kevin (portrayed in both movies by Jeff Bridges), the latest take on the project is still an impressive spectacle that ramps up the potently mind-scrambling imagery. Hedlund revealed his thoughts to MTV News about the seeing the final product for the first time on the blue carpet at the elaborate "Tron Legacy" premiere Saturday.

"I saw it couple weeks ago when I was in Montreal, but only with a couple pals and on a smaller Technicolor screen. But even then it was an incredible experience. It's such a high-tech adventure," Hedlund said. "It's undoubtedly like anything I've ever seen before, and I think the loss for words on it is the best part of it and I can't wait to see it again."

Even though Hedlund has a role in bringing the digital wizardry of the franchise to a new generation — in addition to getting a high-profile, career-boosting gig from the project — he said he was most excited to see "Tron" filmmaker Steven Lisberger revel in the enduring influence of his groundbreaking movie nearly three decades later.

"That's where I'm so happy for Steven Lisberger. Something he created around 28 years ago and this wild maniacal story has come to fruition 28 years later in such an unbelievable way," he said. "To see him walking with his family and enjoying this with all of us and being there when we're filming with all of us and sort of being the godfather on set, I'm more proud of him in this very moment."

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