Lady Gaga 'Super-Excited' By Wax Statues, Perez Hilton Says

Gossip blogger helped unveil Gaga statue at Madame Tussauds in L.A.

Is there ever too much Lady Gaga? Well, Madame Tussauds doesn't seem to think so. On Thursday the wax museum unveiled eight Gaga likenesses all over the world. The singer's pal, gossip blogger Perez Hilton, was on hand to help unveil the Los Angeles statue.

That version of the statue has Lady Gaga donning the outfit she wore for her performance at the Brit Awards in February, which was dedicated to her friend the late Alexander McQueen. The look included a white lace bodysuit, lace mask and over-the-top bouffant wig, and Perez seemed to approve of that pick.

"There have been eight that have been revealed all over the world and I think they saved the best for last," he told MTV News, moments after unveiling the statue. "It's such a monumental day because each one of these figures takes months to make, it costs $300,000 to do just one and it's so amazing and lifelike. It's creepy ... that it is so real. I kept waiting for her to blink, but she didn't. It's very accurate. I know that Gaga would be very honored."

So how does Gaga feel about eight versions of herself living around the world? "I know that Gaga is super-excited and happy about it," Hilton said. "And I'm sure that when she has a chance she'll go and check one of them out!"

Gaga statues are now living in wax museums all over the world. MTV News

was also on hand when her New York statue went on display. Gaga appears in a sheer black dress paired with a wide-brim hat made of hair, a look she wore to the Consumer Electronics Show back in January.

In Berlin, Gaga wears a blazer, leotard and hair bow; in London, the figure dons a Philip Treacy telephone hat and sparkly navy Armani suit; in Amsterdam, she's in a nude bodysuit, a white blazer and a towering purple beehive. Her skintight black harlequin outfit is featured in Hong Kong, and her wire "wing" dress is on display in Shanghai.